How Spring Inspired Me As A Child

I grew up in New England where I experienced every extreme of year-round weather. I’ve talked before about how much fall has been an inspiration for my writing and that it’s my all-time favorite season. But, spring holds a special place in my heart as well.

Happiness Blossoms

When you grow up in New England and experience that brutal cold for 3, 4, sometimes 5 months, you long for warmer days. When spring arrives or is on the horizon and you’re welcomed with the taste of warmer weather, you can’t help but feel illuminated with happiness.

Even as a child, winter could seem so dreary. You could play outside, but not without bundling up in long Johns and puffy coats, and even then you would never want to stay out too long because your nose would freeze and your face would chap.

I grew up in the 90’s and playing outside was how we spent most of our days. I longed to run around in the yard and venture off into the woods for some fun. And when that warm weather came, I had to be outside. It lifted my mood immensely.

That Amazing Feeling Of Spring

I don’t know if I can ever really explain this feeling, or even replicate it, but I remember how I used to feel when spring arrived. What’s crazy to me is that this feeling only happened when I was a child.

I still get excited when the weather gets warmer, but I don’t get that same burst of excitement and adventure. Maybe it’s because I’m an adult now and I don’t live the same carefree, worry-free life I did as a child. (You know, where you have zero responsibilities).

Spring was always a moment when you could taste summer coming. After all, summer was an important time for a kid! I’m glad I can recall this feeling. As a young adult author, I’ll be able to infuse that feeling into my stories. It’s an exciting time!

It felt like anything was possible. It felt like I could do anything. I would open the windows in my bedroom and let the warm air breeze through while I read a book on my bed. It was my favorite.

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A Vivid Memory

I can’t remember what year it was, I believe I was in 6th or 7th grade, but I remember the change in season during that one year. I can still remember what I did during those spring days and nights.

One night, I laid in my bed, where my head was right next to a window. The window was open and I just looked outside. I smelled that fragrance of spring. Even as a child, I took it all in and appreciated it. I loved it. It intoxicated me. I daydreamed about boys I liked in school and having fun with friends.

This year was the same year my parents gave my siblings and I a trampoline as an Easter present. We spent so much of our time on that trampoline. My sister and I would blast our portable stereo with our favorite music. I vividly remember playing the Now 5 CD, likely another Easter gift, and singing along to it. There was also some Spice Girls in there, that I’m sure of.

Some nights we would even lay outside on the trampoline. I don’t think we played music, but my sister and I just laid there and talked. I have no idea about what. My memory isn’t that good.

There were some nights I would lay there by myself with my portable CD player, listening to music that was maybe a bit more chill, possibly Britney Spears second album. I would daydream. I loved to daydream as a kid.

The Writer In Me

I think the reason these memories stand out to me now is that it was kind of the catalyst of my desire to be a writer. I would spend so much time daydreaming. I created stories and scenes in my head.

It was also at this time that I started creating stories. I can’t remember what the software was that I used. (I searched to no avail). It was some form of Word document for kids. I started putting my stories on there. I wrote some stories (never finishing them) and just started creating ideas for others.

One story in particular is still a novel in my “tool kit” today. I actually finished this story back in 2013 and queried it. I sent it to publishers and agencies. It’s crazy to think that a story I created at 11, 12 years old could become a novel today.

I know that somewhere I have these ideas printed out. Some of them aren’t great, but some of them could really be something! The drive to be a writer has always been inside of me. I know this dream will be realized one day and I’ll be so proud of myself when that moment comes.

How Spring Inspired Me As A Child