About Kate Fann

Welcome! My name is Kate Fann. I am a Writer, Marketer, Designer, and Young Adult Author.
My specialty is in Content Writing, Blogging, Social Media, Ghostwriting, and Digital Printable Designs.

My Passions

Author: I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. I thrive on creating interesting story lines, relatable characters, and a little bit of drama. 

Writer: I believe sharing by the written word is powerful. It’s a centuries-old practice. I love sharing my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with others. 

Social Media: I’m incredibly intrigued by the power of connection. Social media allows us to engage with people across the globe. It’s a fascinating world I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mastering.

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Kate Fann - About (3)

Born Writer

The desire to write was instilled in me from the very start. There isn’t an exact moment that pops out where I decided I loved writing. It was always there.

As a young girl, I was constantly coming up with story ideas. I remember using this archaic program on our family computer to draft my thoughts. In school, writing was always my favorite assignments. While my classmates groaned when we were assigned prompts, I was secretly excited. 

I always loved reading, too. I would collect books and keep them neatly stacked in the shelf in my closet. Books were something very special to me. I was sure to take delicate care of them.

My Author Journey

In 2007, my journey as an author truly began. I don’t know what inspired me to do it, but I finally sat down at my laptop and let my ideas pour out of me.

I was at a time in my life where my life consisted of work, school, and friends. I had a lot of free time. I would spend hours at night on my laptop, drafting ideas and developing my characters. 

So much of my time was spent diving into my stories. This was when my current WIP series began. I spent hours upon hours sitting in my bed at night creating all these ideas I had for this world I’d created. It’s a piece very near and dear to my heart. I’m thrilled to be here, ten years later, diving back into the story and working to complete it and eventually publish. 

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Kate Fann - About (3)

My Family

I firmly believe that a writer needs two things to help them become successful: a solid support system and your writing “why”. I never imagined how strong these two factors would be in my life until now.

My husband Casey supports me like no one ever has. He is genuinely interested in my writing. He ensures I have the time I need to sit down and write. He will do anything in his power to help make my writing a career. 

My sons, Quinn and Noah, have shown me what true unconditional love is. They are my everything and I want them to have the world. I’m not just pursuing my writing for me. I’m doing it for them. I’m doing it so they knows that if they have a dream, they should pursue it wholeheartedly.

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